Positions are available in diverse fields of business process outsourcing activities.
Direct recruitment opportunities to senior levels exist; industry experience and track-record receive special appreciation We need people at various levels including freshers.

You can look forward to salaries and benefits, which are slightly higher than the industry standard.

Promotions, pay-raises, bonuses do not exactly depend on the calendar; performance and results accelerate rewards.

Performance is an active cue card.
Looking Forward to the Right People:
Total Solution Services is strictly oriented to promoting business for the clients and the company. Merit is the critical criterion for the entire team, from the Managing Director to the latest entrant.

We are friendly and enjoy working hard; not in terms of long hours, but we look forward to meaningful contributions that make significant addition to our business. There are no exceptions to this rule.

We do not fully rely on academic records, yet we believe that good grades demonstrate attitudes and application. We may welcome people with not-so-flattering educational qualifications, provided they are able to establish that, they can achieve exceptional results.

We have mentoring, orientation and training programs in place, yet we look forward to people who can hit the ground running, from day one. Our people are self-priming, self-managing and self-motivated. We welcome new entrants with similar personalities.

Total Solution Services is growing at a face pace, yet we want to step on the accelerator.

Jobs or Opportunities:
We are in the business of providing business solutions; call centre, data management, photo editing services and software development are some of the broad fields in which, we operate.

As already said, we have plans to speed-up the business; we are actively looking for people talented in any business process outsourcing activity.

Inbound call centre jobs: Customer Support, manage helpdesk, technical desk, take orders and other voice processes.

Outbound Call centre jobs: generate sales leads, setup appointments, conduct surveys, telemarket, generate orders, enrol subscriptions and other business generation activities.

Data management jobs: data entry operators, scanners, proofreaders, image manipulators, technicians, technical documentation experts, translators in European, Asian languages Photo Editing: Image editors, 3600 Panorama artists, skilled technicians for all photo-editing operations Software development: people experienced in testing software applications, content management services, content writers, editors, supply chain management operators and other related activities.

We need engineers and technically qualified people to oversee all these operations.

Marketing professionals, capable of significantly increasing revenues are particularly welcome.

Location: We offer several types and some of the best Job opportunities; Australia can offer. Most of the jobs are located in Melbourne. However, our global engagements and services do require a few achievers from other parts of the world.

How to Apply:
Please send your resume only by Email to

Add a small note, on how you can play an active role in the company.

Do make it a point to indicate the expected salary.

We will get in touch with you.
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